Reblog: 22 ways for readers to support authors

I always get contacted by both authors and readers about how they can support authors or how authors can get support from fans. I don’t always have time to answer this accurately. However, I do have a method to my own madness. Therefore, I think that it is best share what I do in hopes that it will help both authors and readers connect. There are many different ways to support the authors that you love to read. Although, authors reading this blog post may think, “Sheesh just buy a book already…” I believe that there are a number of ways to support authors that will ensure that the authors you love get the support that they need, the books you love get the exposure they deserve, and the authors get feedback on their work to create better work with each release. I have been writing for about a decade. I currently have three children’s book releases out. However, with each book release my writing gets better. The reason for this is that I am not afraid to read critiques of my writing, and I depend on fans (mainly kids) to tell me what they enjoy about my work. The support and feedback allow me to push my own boundaries as a writer without fear. This way I can feel liberated to create work that inspires children to become creative, proactive, and adventurous. Below is some of the wisdom I accrued over the years of interacting with authors, readers, and fans about how to support authors.

22 Ways to Support Authors

  1. Follow an author’s blog.
  2. Buy one or all of the book releases by an author.
  3. Write a one or two line review of the author’s book on a blog, Amazon, social networking site, shelfari, etc.
  4. Follow your favorite author on social networking sites.
  5. Go out to book signings.
  6. Bring friends to the book signing with you.
  7. Host authors on your campus, in your church or at meetings.
  8. Recommend your favorite books to a friend.
  9. Ask a reference librarian to order all of your favorite author’s books.
  10. Host a theme night for your favorite book with your friends.
  11. Take a picture with your favorite author and post on-line (Facebook, Instagram, blogs)
  12. Tweet an article about your favorite author’s interviews.
  13. Make a YouTube video of your favorite books.
  14. Start a blog about your favorite books.
  15. Start a book club to discuss your favorite books.
  16. Vote for your favorite author to win book awards.
  17. Ask bookstores to order copies of your favorite books for their stores.
  18. Host a literacy event and invite authors.
  19. Skype with your favorite authors.
  20. Host an on-line chat with your favorite authors.
  21. Listen to interviews or call in when an author is being interviewed on blog talk radio.
  22. Participate in contests held by authors.

I hope that this blog was helpful.

Tiffany A. Flowers is a reviewer, literacy advocate, the literary director for, and the author of three children’s books. You can find out more about her work by logging on to or following her blog at


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